Internet marketing education

COURSE: What and how to sell & market on facebook

A complete  video course teach you what are best products or services can be marketed and sold on Facebook. Teaching you step by step how to create a store and manage campaigns on Facebook  locally nationally and even internationally. The course will present more than 70 useful tips to help you make sales on Facebook. Around 3 hours divided into 29 videos  provided online on our learning portal. The fee  is $25 one time  with unlimited access on course s' updates.

Course topics 
  • ​Brief about online marketing present and future.
  • What is the mission of online marketing on Facebook?
  • ​​What are the best products and services can be marketed and sold on Facebook?
  • ​Comparing between marketing on Google and Facebook
  • ​Understanding client’s behaviors online and on Facebook
  • Tips on how to convince client online and on Facebook
  • ​Creating Facebook business page tips and buid your identity
  • Posting and enhance Facebook page on search engines
  • Creating a Website linked to Facebook Page with no coding experience within one hour.
  • E-commerece website integrated in Facebook store.
  • Direct payment on Facebook
  • Definition of each method on Facebook ad campaign
  • Post promoting campaign: advantage, disadvantage, tips and tracking.
  • Website clicks campaign: advantage, disadvantage, tips and tracking.
  • Video campaign: advantage, disadvantage, tips and tracking.
  • Event campaign: advantage, disadvantage, tips and tracking.
  • Collecting leads campaign: advantage, disadvantage, tips and tracking.
  • Retargeting customers campaign: advantage, disadvantage, tips and tracking.
  • ​Choosing ad photo and text?
  • How to choose your demographic, age, gender and interests?
  • ​​How to make your ad responsive on Facebook mobile app?
  • ​Local, national and international (tourist) ad on facebook
  • ​Controlling budgeting and scheduling?
  • ​Direct client engagement on your ad? Call, appointment, question, quote, reviews​
  • ​Choosing ad photo and text?
  • What to sell on Facebook: items, services, education, software....etc
  • Sell product for other companies with affiliate programs​ 
  • Tracking result, analyzing data and modifications
  • Final conclusion